Why Everyone Should Consider Meal Prep

Have you ever considered meal prep and planning?

Don’t think it applies to you? Wondering why you should bother? What’s in it for you?

Meal prep is often considered something you do when you want to lose weight, or save time. But there are reasons why everyone should do this more often. Here are some extra tips on why everyone should consider doing it, at least some of the time:

You Save Money

One of the top reasons to start meal prepping is that you will save money. That’s because you’re able to buy more foods in bulk. Consider how much you would save by purchasing your meat and veggies in bulk, instead of just buying small portions that you need for one or two meals. You can then prep your meals, and gain all of the other benefits as well. Plus you save money by not making as many different meals, and by avoiding eating out.

It Allows You More Time During the Week

If you’re someone who often skips making home cooked meals during the week because you don’t have a lot of time due to work and other responsibilities, meal prepping will be perfect for you. Choose an evening or weekend day when you have some extra time, and prepare or cook most of the meals for the week. That way, all that needs to be done is to put your meals together and some minor heating up or cooking the rest of the days of the week.

You Can Eat Healthier

Meal prepping ensures that you will eat healthier meals since every single meal is very carefully planned out. You’ll be making multiple healthy meals at one time, often using fresh or frozen produce, lean protein, and other natural ingredients. It also helps you to learn portion control. Use meal prep containers that include compartments that separate different parts of the meals into proper portion sizes.

Preparing your meals ahead of time is not difficult to do. Start by accepting the fact that it will take a bit of time, especially the first time you do it, if you’ve never tried it before. There may be weeks when you want to include special meals. Maybe you’ll want to go through cookbooks and/or look for recipes online. That’s okay. You’ll become super organized. You’ll have your list of ingredients, so no more realizing as you’re cooking that you don’t have everything you need.

And, as you can see, you’ll benefit in many other ways.

Why Alkarich Water Is Good For The Health Of Your Family

The food consumed and polluted air inhaled creates lots of acidic waste into the body. Even the tap water coming into our home is not safe as it comprises of numerous chlorine, pollutants, fluorine and other minerals. That is why people nowadays opt for alkaline water for consumption to enhance the functionality of an immune system.

Alkarich Water – Benefitting Health with Acids

Alkarich water benefits one’s health with the help of neutralizing acids and helps in removal of toxins from the body. Normally, the pH value of tap water is 7, which is considered to be neutral. While alkaline water comprises of the pH range between 7.2 and 9 which is safe for the body. The pH value gives an insight into the amount of acidity and alkalinity in water.

In case the body is excessively acidic, there will be a lack of oxygen which will prevent the body from remaining in a healthy position. If your body is alkaline and is getting sufficient minerals from water produced by alkaline RO water purifier, it will definitely function in a normal manner.

Provision of Sufficient Amount of Oxygen to Blood Cells

Providing sufficient amount of oxygen to body cells thus removing acidic wastes from the body is considered to be significant for health. It must be noted that the presence of extra acid into the body weakens the immune system hence paving the pathway to several diseases.

On the other hand, an alkaline body will function in a better manner. Alkarich water acts in such a manner that it will neutralize acids present into the body. It also enables flushing out of toxic and acidic wastes. Though alkarich water can be prepared in numerous ways, it is high time to opt for the best and economical way!

Alkaline RO Water Purifier – An Economical and Best Way

Alkarich water can be easily prepared with the help of alkaline RO water purifier. It helps in ionizing water in the best manner. Ionized water is alkaline in nature, rich in antioxidants and free from bacteria and other volatile substances that may include:


Chlorine and other harmful trace metals.

It also comprises an excess of oxygen atoms thus retaining healthy minerals.

Ionized water benefits the health by simply creating a passage of water between the cells of the body. Alkaline water produced by the water treatment system provides oxygen to body cells hence enabling them to get rid of toxins easily. Ionized water holds a high level of antioxidant, which is very much beneficial for both health and immune system.

Alkaline Water – Preventing the Body from Degenerative Diseases

High level of antioxidant in water implies its betterment for health. Such type of water has proved to be highly beneficial as it saves one from abdominal issues and chronic diarrhoea hence showing better overall improvement. Alkaline water produced by water treatment system contributes a lot to reducing cases of bone resorption. It also prevents body against damage to protein-RNA and DNA.

You may now easily fight against aging and highly degenerative ailments. As alkaline water gets easily absorbed by body cells, it makes the body less susceptive to diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and much more. Hence, it can be easily made out that alkaline rich water benefits human body from various angles!

How to Start Getting Into Shape After No Exercise

How to start getting in shape after no exercise for a long time!

Let us talk a little about how we can get back into shape. How many people have done this? How many people have let themselves go so long without exercise that they don’t know how to start? I have had to overcome this problem before and I would have liked a guide like I am going to provide for you.

How to start getting in shape after no exercise for a long time isn’t easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. It’s going to take dedication, hard work, giving up some of your favorite foods or drinks. NOT ALL AT ONCE though. Don’t be an over eager beaver as I like to call them. An over eager beaver in the gym is someone that that decides they are going to get in shape and they go gung ho over it. They say there going to wake up at 6 a.m. run 5 miles then go to the gym after work, workout for 2 hours. Then there going to only eat healthy foods and drink nothing but water. You get my point. If you tried to do that all at once you are setting yourself up for failure. Start with little goals.

Examples of 2 small goals you can set for yourself to help you start getting into shape!

Walk for 10 minutes a day for a few days then up it to 15 minutes. Keep raising your goal and eventually you’ll be running five miles, and thinking How the HELL am I running five miles a day I remember when I couldn’t / didn’t want to walk five minutes a day.

Replace one snack with a healthy snake that is full of protein and good nutrients. Replace one snack a week for as long as it takes to replace them all your snacks with healthy ones and eventually you’ll be snacking on nothing but foods that are good for you.

Examples of exercises to start with when you haven’t been exercising in a long time.

Start by doing 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

This isn’t an exercise but it is very important and I feel I should mention this again set small obtainable goals. Don’t set unrealistic goals.

Start by doing push-ups in your living room or at a gym. This is an example of using your own body weight to help get in shape.

Next to sit ups again this can be done in your living room or in a gym.

Finish it up with some Body weight squats. This is a great way to building your lower body and hit your core at the same time.

Where do I start once I get to the gym?

When you walk into the gym for the first time it could be a little overwhelming at first. You don’t know where to start to start getting in shape. An easy way to get started is to start with compound movements or total body workouts.

Start with straight bar bell squats. This is the same thing you were doing before only now you are using a little weight. This will help build your lower body and your core.

Flat bench press. This is going to help build your pictorial muscles and your triceps and shoulders.

You can also do everything you were doing above just at the gym now. Eventually, you will work your way up into doing more and more.

Now at least you have a starting point. Now all you have to do is decided to start and start now. Have someone that will hold you accountable or you need to be extremely disciplined. Set little goals and once you reach them set another goal eventually you’re going to be 55 lbs lighter like me and wonder how it happened. It took me 5 months but I gained a lot of muscle too so I actually have lost a lot more than 55 lbs.

I feel great and so can you.

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Healthy Living Is Equal to A Healthy Heart

The heart is the specialized part of our body that pumps blood. Blood carries oxygen and nourishment to all parts of the body, that helps all organs to work efficiently. It also carries waste material to various organs, especially lungs, and kidneys to remove them. Some of our daily habits are affecting and causing several heart issues like Heart attack, Abnormal heart rhythms, Heart valve disease, Heart failure, Congenital heart disease, Pericardial disease etc., and we don’t take any steps to keep our heart healthy until someone very close to us starts to suffer from one of these serious ailments. To prevent these deadly issues a healthy routine and few precautions are required.

Getting diagnosed with health problems such as high cholesterol high or blood pressure is a wake-up call that it’s time to make major changes in your lifestyle.

The first step towards a healthy heart is healthy living. In order to achieve that you need to opt for a healthier lifestyle. Get up early in the morning, walk, exercise, lose weight, eat healthily and sleep on time. Avoid alcohol, smoking and oily food for the sake of your heart’s good health.

Taking actions to prevent a heart attack is very important because this is becoming very common amongst everyone, from infants to the aged.

So it’s important to make yourself aware about relevant health measures and another important step is to schedule regular health check ups with your cardiologist.

Follow a few factors and see the biggest impact on your heart health.

Maintain healthy weight
Get active
Eat healthy
Manage cholesterol
Control blood pressure
Lower blood sugar
Stop smoking

To protect the heart, aim to lose weight and stay slim and fit. Include at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. To control cholesterol and blood pressure add a variety of diet by adding fruit and vegetables that are low in calories.

Change is the prime part of living with heart diseases or trying to prevent it. However you might not know that eating certain foods can enlarge your heart disease risk, it’s usually hard to change eating habits. Whether you have years of unhealthy eating under your belly or you simply want to cut your extra weight to prevent heart diseases, try to live a healthy living. Once you know which foods to eat more of and which food is harmful, you will be on your way toward a heart-healthy diet. So keep your heart fit and lead a healthy life.

The Advantages Of Imagery For Kids

Guided imagery is a mind-body intervention by which a trained practitioner or teacher helps a participant or patient to evoke and generate mental images that simulate or re-create the sensory perception. With this, adults can improve their lifestyle. Luckily, guided imagery can also provide numerous advantages for kids. To know more, below are some of the advantages your kids can obtain by opting for guided imagery.

Help kids improve their reaction to stress

One of the main advantages of imagery for kids they can improve their reaction to stress. Most parents think kids do not worry about problems. However, there are cases when children experience stress at home or at school. Because of this, kids most likely feel anxious. By letting kids try out guided imagery, they can become aware of his physical self as well as his reactions to stress in school and in other settings. As a result, they can improve their reaction to stress easily.

Allow kids to concentrate properly

The next advantage of imagery for kids is they can concentrate properly. Aside from studies, children also need concentration in order to accomplish simple chores efficiently. By opting for guided imagery, kids will have the ability to focus which can help improve their studies as well as their skills.

Guide kids to boost their self-esteem

Imagery for children can also help them improve their self-esteem. There are cases when thoughts and emotions can affect a kid’s self-esteem. Therefore, kids are quite shy which can affect their skills. By opting for guided imagery, kids can boost their self-esteem since your child can tap into his innate creativity.

Keep kids relax and calm

Another advantage kids can obtain by opting for guided imagery is they can be relaxed and calm. Being relax and calm can help kids to counteract the diminished attention span, impatience and anxiety exhibited by a growing number of children. Being relaxed can also help children make better decisions which can help them with their studies.

Help kids identify

Finally, imagery for children can help them improve their identification skills. This skill is important in order for kids to find the path that they want to pursue in life. By having good identification skills, kids can develop their senses of self- regulation and intuition that allows kids to become independent.

With all these wonderful advantages, kids can improve their lifestyle which can help them create a better and more successful future.